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*All usernames have been removed to protect the anonymity of our users.

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(Partner) Streamer has been using partner program since starting channel and now has +2000 followers in under 2 months.
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(Affiliate). Streamer ran program at end of July and gained roughly 200 followers.
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(Affiliate) Signed up in August, spike in follower growth on August 12th.
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(Partner) Struggling to gain followers. Gained +2200 followers in under two months.

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(Affiliate) Program runs every 3 days, can see spikes when streaming while running the program.
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(Partner) Unlimited program usage. Sharp rise in followers days after signing up.
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(Affiliate) No growth. Signed up mid July and gained +450 followers.
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(Affiliate) User ran program infrequently. Mid July ran while streaming at same time.

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(Partner) Ran program multiple times while streaming, sharp increase in followers.
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(Affiliate) Steady growth, jump in numbers when using auto-follower program.
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(Affiliate) Used one-time trial in mid-June, signed up for affiliate in mid-August.
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(Partner) Our personal account. Yes, we use our own product and it clearly works.
Do I get more twitch followers with one transaction like on other twitch follower websites?

You are not directly going to buy twitch followers. Our services work naturally to get you more twitch followers through high channel exposure. Remember this: You don’t buy twitch followers, you earn them.

How does the program get more twitch followers… what does buy twitch followers mean?

You get more twitch followers by signing up for our program that will bring real twitch streamers to your channel through a high exposure strategy that has been proven to increase your twitch viewers and twitch followers. You don’t buy twitch followers. You are buying a program that is designed to increase traffic to your channel that gives you a chance to gain twitch followers. Again, you don’t buy twitch followers, you earn them.

Can I just get buy twitch followers to get to 50 followers for Twitch affiliate status?

Many streamers just buy twitch followers to help jump start their twitch career, but our program will bring you thousands of potential real twitch followers that not only follow your channel, but participate in your chat and even join your community. One of our subscribers has grown their channel to 1,000 twitch followers and 20 average twitch viewers in less than 2 weeks.

If I get more twitch followers, when can I expect a delivery?

You are not going to buy twitch followers. You will gain twitch followers as the program runs. We’ve seen increases of 50 twitch followers within an hour of running our program. You don’t buy twitch followers, you earn them.

Why does the program cost $100?

You can go buy twitch followers or buy twitch viewers from any of those twitch follower bot sites if all you care about is numbers. Our program is here to get you real twitch followers and real twitch viewers that have a possibility of being a dedicated member of your channel that subscribes, donates, and actively participates in the chat. You don’t buy twitch followers, you earn them.

Serious Streamers Only.

You must be a dedicated streamer if you want to use our program. We charge $100 to be sure that only streamers that are ready to entertain a larger community and be dedicated to their twitch career subscribe to use our services. Your channel will grow faster than you’ve ever seen and we ensure you that your money will be returned to you through the community you build with the help of our program. You don’t buy twitch followers, you earn them.

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