December 13, 2022

Will YouTube improve Twitch? – The Lobby

Justin Haywald explains how YouTube’s supposed acquisition of Twitch could affect the streaming service for the better, or the worst. Watch more of The Lobby! Visit […]
October 18, 2022

xQc Reacts to Spending time without your favorite streamer – Peepo Animation

xQcOW reacts to part 2 of the HeydoubleU Peepo animation arc. Original Video: Please subscribe, like and turn on notifications if you enjoyed the video! […]
October 7, 2022

Twitch TV Video Guide – Get More Followers/Viewers and maximise your potential!

I look through a few fundamentals in becoming a successful streamer on I offer some advice and tips on what you can do with your […]
May 17, 2021

Twitch Viewbots – What can we do?

Cut to the Chase – Episode 2 Lately, Twitch.TV has been filled with loads of fake viewers (or bots) that boost channels to get them noticed […]
January 26, 2021

Why I don't oppose Sub Only Streaming on Twitch

I explain my thoughts on Subscriber only streams. ►Watch live at ►Follow me on Twitter: ►Check out my Instagram: End card song: Vulnerability […]